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1988 Complete Set


(Yearbook, Supplement, BC Supplement and Euro Set)

Yearbooks - All yearbooks include the following:
- 112 Horse Cards.
- 70 Jockeys rated.
- 20 Feature race results from the season.
- Rule Variants section
- Year in Review section

Supplements - Supplements add more horses, jockeys and race results to the Yearbooks or Original APBA sets.

Breeders' Cup Supplements - The Breeders' Cup supplements add all the horses, jockeys and race results not available in the Yearbook for a season to replay that season's Breeders' Cup races.

European/Far Eastern Sets - The European/Far Eastern sets include top horses and jockeys from around the world. Sometimes a horse will run in both the USA and abroad. The Yearbook and Supplements mentioned above only rate a horse/jockey on their performance in the USA not abroad. Thus, some horses that only race once or twice in the USA and get carded in the above sets may not actually show how great they truly are that season. These sets rate the horse/jockeys using their stats from abroad only. Thus, may show a very different horse/jockey.

The cards and ratings included in these sets can be used instead of the cards in the Yearbooks and Supplements if the player wishes. There are enough horses\jockeys included in these sets to run meaningful races among themselves. Usually about 36 horses are carded in each set.

Price: $23.95

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