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The Thoroughbred Horse Racing Game: Original Edition


The Thoroughbred Racing Game

Product Information Sheet

The Thoroughbred Racing game was created by Dr. Victor Hasselback in the late 1970s. The game is designed to give a maximum amount of realism, while emphasizing ease of play. A race can easily be run in 15 minutes, but the method of recording the moves gives a chart of the race that is as detailed as those in the Daily Racing Form. The basic rules are simple, and can be understood by anyone who has played any table top sports game.

The realism is the result of several key features. Each horse runs at his own pace; that is, he may start fast and finish slow, or vice versa. Some horses are good at short races; others prefer the longer ones. Some horses prefer a fast track; some prefer a muddy one; others prefer the grass. Certain horses will run well every time, while others run well only a few times a season. Good jockeys can't make a nag win, but they can keep a horse out of trouble, and they just might make a difference at the finish line. There are different track sheets for each track, since no two tracks are identical.

The play of the game is very straight forward. A roll of two dice gives a number off the 2 to 12 chart on each horse's card. This is added to the horse's number for the particular furlong and track conditions, and divided by two to obtain the number forward moves the horse may make (half a move is good for a sideway's move). Forward moves may be converted to sideways moves, and jockey rating supplies extra sideways moves. On the turns it is more difficult to move sideways, and takes longer if the horse stays outside.

The timing system is simple to apply, and there is a different timing chart for each different track. You actually run at Belmont, Saratoga, etc. Other features include Unusual Events, Computing Odds using a Para-Mutuels system and rating a horse by distance.

The basic package is boxed and includes rule book, race track sheets and the current season (2004). The game is true to the original in every way. As time permits, I will be updating the rule book, adding new horse sets, new race tracks and possibly even rule variants.
Note: Customer must supply a set of dice (2) and pencil.
The race tracks included with the game are:
Arlington Park (Dirt/Turf), Aqueduct (Dirt), Belmont Park (Dirt/Turf), Churchill Downs (Dirt), Hialeah Park (Dirt/Turf), Hollywood Park (Dirt/Turf), Pimlico Race Course (Dirt), Santa Anita Park (Dirt/Turf), Saratoga (Dirt) and Woodbine (Dirt).

@2006 Gary Stishan/ASRG

Price: $19.95

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